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We will teach you 7 healthy habits that will put your weight loss program on AUTOPILOT!


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Breakthrough Online Coaching Shows You How to Finally Do it Without Complex Diets, Exhaustive Exercise or Expensive Food. 

  • Are you tired of losing weight and gaining it back?
  • Do tiresome workouts and trips to the gym feel like a chore?
  • Would you like to enjoy delicious food without feeling like you have to count every calorie or measure portions?
  • Would you like to be slim, get healthy and look great without feeling like it rules your life?

If you’ve answered YES to even one of the questions above, Simple Way to Vibrant Health is right for you. 

Let’s face it. Our culture is obsessed with health and weight loss. It’s one of the most profitable industries out there and yet, many of us just get fatter and sicker.  Simple Way to Vibrant Health helps people of all ages stop the cycle of yo-yo dieting by showing you how to master simple habits that sustain weight loss and improve health FOR LIFE. 

And the best part is—once you learn these simple habits, you won’t have to think about them.  They’ll come naturally every single day. 

  • You’ll never count calories or measure food again.
  • You can stop forcing yourself to go to the gym.  
  • You’ll save money on food. 
  • You will never feel deprived like you do with diets
  • You will enjoy your favorite foods—yes, even junk food.
  • You will lose weight, feel great and look better than ever! 
  • You’ll improve your health and reduce your risk of many diseases. 
  • You won’t believe how easy it is!

You can do this and we can help. Don’t wait another second to enjoy your life thinner, healthier and happier.   


42% OFF the regular price for the life of the membership.  The regular price is $67 per month, so if you join by Black Friday, you will only pay $39 per month.

For only $39 per month, we will help you develop and make completely habitual and part of your everyday life, 7 healthy behaviors that will help your body return to its natural state, which is LEAN AND HEALTHY.  

There is no contracts.  You can use our services for as many months as you need to lose all the weight you want and you can cancel at any time.

BUT HURRY... if we meet our quota of the number of people who can join at this discounted rate before Black Friday, we will discontinue the Special offer.


I truly believe when it comes to sustainable weight loss and vibrant health, this is the best weight loss approach on the market today.  Over 27 years of research and trial and error has gone into creating this system.  But at the end of the day the best weight loss approach will not help anyone unless they can follow it.  The best way to see if my approach is right for you, is for you to try it.  For the reason I am giving everyone a 30 DAY FREE TRIAL with no strings attached.

Join today for FREE, follow my system for 30 days and if by the end of the 30 days you are not convinced this is the best way to lose weight and keep it off, you can cancel before the 30 days are up and you will be charged nothing.  To cancel, all you have to do is send us an email that you wish to cancel.


If you join my 30 DAY FREE TRIAL, today, I will also give you a BONUS:  

BONUS:  Mediterranean Recipe Guide full of easy and great tasting meals you’ll love to make and eat ($30 value).

Simple Way to Vibrant Health Incorporates Proven Practices to Help You Achieve Sustainable Results!

The biggest reason Simple Way to Vibrant Health succeeds while others fail is that it does not rely on willpower and motivation.  Through online coaching, you will learn how to “go with a flow” that will eventually come naturally to you and promote the weight loss and improved health you’ve struggled to achieve.  Most of what we’re taught about losing weight centers around forcing ourselves to measure food, eat less and exercise a lot.  Many of us stick with these habits for a while and for a while they work. But they’re difficult, time-consuming and quickly fall to the wayside.  Motivation and willpower do not determine success and they are not a measure of your ability to achieve your goals.  

Sustainable Weight Loss Can and Should be Easy

Online Coaching Program, Simple Way To Vibrant Health.  Weight loss made easy.

Simple Way to Vibrant Health Teaches that Sustained Weight Loss Can and Should Be Easy

Our unique online coaching program teaches you proven practices rooted in:  

80/20 Rule

If you eat right 80% of the time and practice a few other healthy habits 80% of the time, your body will forgive you for the 20% when you don't.

Developing a Winning Mindset

The Simple Way to Vibrant Health online coaching system teaches you how to develop the right mindset for sustainable weight loss. By changing the way you think, you will easily learn and adopt the right healthy habits.

Healthy Mediterranean Diet Secrets

Simple Way Creator Stavros Mastrogiannis is a sustainable weight loss specialist with over 27 years in the weight loss field.  He is also a native Greek Islander who through this program reveals the secrets to longevity, fitness and better health enjoyed for centuries by people living in Mediterranean regions. 

The Seven Step Approach by Simple Way to Vibrant Health

Apart from any other program, our unique seven-steps approach will help you chart a path to continued success. Coach Stavros Mastrogiannis has identified 7 healthy behaviors that make the biggest impact on health and weight. By studying the healthiest regions around the world and learning what people in these areas consistently do, he has boiled it down to a simple and easy-to-follow method that works for life! 

Step 1: Adjusting your thought pattern is the first step towards changing your life. True for more than just weight loss, the proper mindset paves the way for success. We will walk you through exactly how to do this for lasting results. 

Step 2:  Forget lengthy workouts that require mammoth motivation and time commitment. What really gets results is our simple 10-minute exercise routine that is as effective as any one-hour workout. It will become a habitual part of your daily routine—like brushing your teeth.  And sticking to it requires no willpower. 

Step 3:  The first of several “how to eat” lessons that will change your life, you will learn how to harness the power of occasional fasting in a safe and effective way.  Great for health, wellness and weight management, intermitted fasting works and is much easier than it sounds. We’ll show you how to make it a habit you’ll do without even thinking about.  

Step 4:  Learn to finally crack the code on distinguishing the difference between true hunger and craving. This dramatic shift will allow you to eat when hungry—a habit that will eventually become second nature. This is the second of three lessons on “how to eat” that will dramatically improve your results. 

Step 5:  Eating slowly and mindfully encourages you to naturally stop eating when you have satisfied your true hunger. The third and final step in conquering “how to eat,” this habit is an incredibly powerful way to enjoy the foods you love more deeply and use them to nourish and fuel your body in a healthy and satisfying way. 

Step 6:  Say yes to junk food!  It’s not too good to be true and here’s why: junk food taste great and is fun to eat. Giving it up completely is hard and feels depriving. Even if you do it for a while, there’s a good chance you’re going to go off the deep end and binge again. To lose weight and stay in shape, you must learn to correctly incorporate your favorites into your life. We’ll show you how to “have your cake and eat it too.” 

Step 7:  Fruits and vegetables are key to great health! You don’t need to become a vegan, but we’ll teach you why plant-based foods should dominate your diet. It’s not as difficult as it sounds. And you’ll be amazed at how much you can eat and how full you’ll feel once you learn this simple rule. 


Fun Fact:

100% of Simple Way to Vibrant Health clients who master the first 4 healthy behaviors lose weight and improve their health without changing what they eat!  

Learn why and start your journey today.

Meet the Coach and Creator of Simple Way to Vibrant Health

Through his own journey, exhaustive research and more than 27 years in the field, Stavros Mastrogiannis welcomes opportunities to share what he’s learned about weight management with clients all over the world through this unique and highly effective online coaching program. Up until recently, Stavros only offered in-person guidance through his Live Your Way Thin clinic in Danbury, CT. Today, he is proud to introduce his groundbreaking approach to people everywhere who are ready to finally change their lives for the better. 

Learn more about his story and the work behind creating Simple Way to Vibrant Health Click Here

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  • Mediterranean Recipe Guide full of easy and great tasting meals you’ll love to make and eat ($30 value).



Interested but now sure the program will work for you?  Go ahead and try it for 30 days completely FREE! If you don’t agree it’s the easiest weight loss program you’ve ever tried and start seeing results in how you look and feel, you can cancel your membership before the 30 days are up and you get charged NOTHING.  

To cancel, all you have to do is send us an email. 


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See what others have to say about Online Coaching System


Emily Volpintesta (Lost 40lbs)

"Before meeting Stavros I had lost weight many times in the past only to gain it back again and then some.  But since following Stavros's  program, this is the first time in my life that I have been able to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good! 


It has been 3 years since I have reached my goal weight  and I have been able to maintain it easily and effortlessly.   This is by far the best weight loss program I have ever tried! Thank you Stavros!"


Neil J Hutchins (lost 65lbs)

So simple, and yet extremely effective.  I still can’t believe how simple it was to change my eating habits and lose weight.  I lost over 65lbs and I have no problem keeping it off.  This is a must try program for anyone who wants to lose weight for good.


Here are the main benefits of this program:

  1. Your body will become more efficient at burning fat (best way to lose weight)
  2. Your energy levels during the day will skyrocket (You will have energy to spare)
  3. You will greatly reduce your risk of developing all types of brain diseases. 
  4. You will increase your ability to think clearly 
  5. You will greatly reduce your chance of developing cancer
  6. You will greatly reduce your chance of developing all degenerative diseases.
  7. Your body will get much stronger and firmer
  8. Little or No motivation or willpower will be needed to maintain the results.
  9. One of the biggest benefits of my Simple Way approach is that you will not just achieve a lean and healthy body, but you will have a very easy time maintaining it for the rest of your life.

You too can enjoy the benefits of better health, sustainable weight loss and freedom to enjoy the food you love—without complex calorie counting, workout regiments or restrictive diet rules!  Learn the habits of Simple Way to Vibrant health and change your life forever!