Simple Way To Vibrant Health is a Live Your Way Thin program

Online Coaching System for Sustainable Weight loss and healt

There are many way to lose weight, but if you are looking for SUSTAINABLE HEALTHY WEIGHT LOSS, you will not find a more effective  way than The Simple Way To Vibrant Health approach!

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  • Have you lost weight many times before only to regain all the weight back because you simply could NOT stick with the diet or exercise program you were following?
  • Do you find most diets very hard to stick with, because they require too much effort and time?
  • Do you find it very hard to stay consistent with your workouts?

You are not alone...

…over 95% of people who lose weight end up regaining the weight back because they can't stick with the diet or exercise program, they followed to lose the weight.


It’s the, Simple Way To Vibrant Health.

My name is Stavros Mastrogiannis, and I am the creator of the Simple Way To Vibrant Health system.

How I discovered the better way:

I have been in the fitness field for over 27 years, but I am not your typical fitness coach.  For one thing, although I love being fit and healthy, I don’t enjoy exercising or dieting, which made it very hard for me to stick with any diet or exercise program long term. The one thing I realized early in my career was that most fitness and diet programs are not designed for people, who like me, don’t enjoy exercising or dieting.  This is why so many people have such a hard time sticking with most fitness and diet programs.  I created my Simple Way To Vibrant Health system specifically for people who want to be in shape but don’t love the process of getting in shape.

The reason I called my system the Simple Way to Vibrant Health is because the process of losing weight and getting in shape, it is straightforward.  The fitness industry has made it more complicated than it needs to be.  Think about it.  Do you see the people who live in healthy regions around the world doing any complicated workouts or exercises to maintain their excellent health? The answer is NO.  Do you see them following complicated diets that require counting or measuring anything? The answer again is NO.  I came to this realization, reflecting on my upbringing in Greece.  I was raised on a Greek island, and when I lived there, thin and healthy was the norm.  What I realized early in my fitness career was that many things I had learned in school about how to lose weight and get in shape, completely contradicted how we lived in Greece.  Looking at other healthy regions around the world, I realized how many of the popular fitness advice was not just contradicting my upbringing and pretty much every healthy region around the world.  They were also complicating the whole process of losing weight and getting in shape unnecessarily.  With so many lousy weight loss advice, it’s no wonder why we are losing the weight loss battle.  Here is the simple truth about weight loss and health.

Achieving and maintaining a lean and healthy body comes down to developing 7 simple healthy behaviors. The 7 healthy behaviors provide the body with everything it needs in order to maintain its natural state, which is lean and healthy. If you look at all the healthy regions around the world, you will notice that they have these 7 healthy behaviors in common.  As I started helping my clients develop and apply these 7 simple behaviors into their lives, something amazing happened.  They were not just losing the weight they wanted and improving their health, but they had a very easy time maintaining the results.  The fact is, losing weight and improving your health is a lot easier than most fitness and diet programs make it, and that is the main message I want to spread.



  1. Weight Loss that you can easily maintain without having to rely on willpower or motivation
  2. The workouts are simple and short but as effective as any other workouts 3x as long. 
  3. You don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods, and I mean ANY. You can continue eating your pasta, your pizza your burgers no problem. And of course, your chocolate too! (This is not an exaggeration; you can really eat all the same foods as you eat today and still lose all the weight your want. The secret is how you eat and that is what we will teach you in the first 3 eating habits)
  4. Average client saves $58 per week on their food bills without even trying and have more free time, once they develop the first 4 healthy behaviors.
  5. Average client is able to reduce or completely stops many of the medications they were taking. (How much would you save if you did not have to take any medicines?)
  6. Average client reports that they get sick less often and when they do get sick, they get better much faster. (How much value would you put on that)


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Up until recently, we could only help you if you came to our coaching facility in Danbury CT.

Our coaching facility, Live Your Way Thin LLC in Danbury CT has a A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Up until recently we could only help people who came to our facility.  Now we offer two new ways we can train people on our revolutionary system and help them finally lose all the weight they want and more importantly keep it off for life, no matter where they live in the world.