Simple Way To Vibrant Health is a Live Your Way Thin program

Learn How to lose weight the healthy & Sustainable way!

You are between 4 to 7 Simple Habits away from losing all the weight you want and significantly improving your health. Most importantly, with these simple habits you will be able to maintain the results for life effortlessly!

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  • Have you lost weight many times before only to regain all the weight back because you simply could NOT stick with the diet or exercise program you were following?
  • Do you find most diets very hard to stick with, because they require too much effort and time?
  • Do you find it very hard to stay consistent with your workouts?

You are not alone...

…over 95% of people who lose weight end up regaining the weight back because they can't stick with the diet or exercise program, they followed to lose the weight.

The reason so many people can’t stick with the current methods of weight loss is because most program don’t teach people how to form new habits.  Instead they rely on motivation and willpower to get people to stick with their advice.  As you know, motivation and willpower eventually run out.


It’s the, Simple Way To Vibrant Health & Weight Loss.

With the Simple Way To Vibrant Health system through 7 simple steps you will not just learn the 7 essential behaviors for weight loss and health, but you will learn how to make them completely habitual and part of your everyday life.  It will be like putting your weight loss on Autopilot!

How I discovered the better way:

My name is Stavros Mastrogiannis, and I am the creator of Simple Way To Vibrant Health System. I have been in the weight loss field for over 27 years. I am probably one of the few weight loss coaches who didn't get into the fitness field because I loved fitness. I never enjoyed working out and love my junk food. I got into the fitness field out of frustration with all the fitness advice I was getting.  I could not stick with any of them, no matter the results I was getting.  

Early in my life, I realized how important it was to take care of my health and not let my weight get out of control. Still, when I tried to follow the current fitness advice, I could not stick with them for more than a few weeks. I would keep trying different workouts, different ways of eating, but all with the same end result of me quitting. I might have the record for quitting the most exercise programs!

I always blamed myself for not having a strong enough willpower to stick with any of the programs. After coming across the statistic that 95% of people end up regaining the weight back, I realized most people are like me. They want to get in shape but hate the current processes of getting in shape.

The problem was that most fitness programs are created by coaches and trainers who love fitness, and that is the problem.   They don't understand people like me who want to get in shape but don't enjoy the process of getting in shape. This is why they keep coming up with fitness programs and diets that most people can't follow.

So, I got into the fitness field to find a better way to help people, who just like me, don't particularly like working out or watching their diet but would love to be in shape. 

My breakthrough did not come until around 10 years in the fitness field. Up until that point, my clients were getting the same unsustainable results as with any other fitness program. My own workouts and diet were not doing any better, either. 

What woke me up and pointed me in the right direction was a conversation I had with my mother. She told me how many of the things I had learned in school, and I was preaching to my clients on how to lose weight and improve their health, completely contradicted how we lived in Greece. You see, when I lived in Greece, thin was the norm; people lived long, healthy lives without the need to take any prescription drugs.   Also, cancer, Alzheimer's, Parkinson's, were all rare disease.

As I started to question everything I had learned in school about nutrition and health, started to reflect on my upbringing and doing my own research and learning how other healthy regions around the world lived, something became very apparent to me. Many of the popular advice on health and weight loss was complete or partially wrong.   That was one of the main reasons why so many people struggled with losing weight and improving their health. 

As I started sifting through all the healthy habits that people who were living in my region in Greece, and other healthy areas around the world, 7 healthy behaviors stuck out to me the most.   These 7 healthy behaviors, most of the healthy regions around the world, had in common, and they seemed to have the most significant impact on people's weight and health. 

As I started to apply everything, I was learning about these 7 healthy behaviors and how to best make them habitual to my clients' programs, something incredible happened. My clients were not just losing the weight they wanted and improved their health much easier than before, but they had a very easy time maintaining the results they were achieving with my program.

I applied the same technics on myself with amazing results.   I was able to go from not be able to stick to my exercise program for more than a few weeks, to be able to stay consistent with my workouts for over 15 years and counting. Using these technics, I was able to go from eating junk food every day to eating junk food only on the weekends and on special occasions without feeling deprived. Today I hardly ever think about my diet or exercising anymore because both of those things are on autopilot just like they were back when I lived in Greece.


The Biggest Benefit of My System is Not Weight Loss

The most significant benefit of my Simple Way To Vibrant Health system is not the weight loss you will achieve and the considerable improvements in your health.  Obviously, both of those things are great. Still, the most significant benefit is that once you achieve the results you want, you will have a very easy time maintaining those results.  It will be like having your fitness program on autopilot.

There are hundreds of weight loss and fitness programs you follow to lose weight, but when it comes to sustainable and healthy weight loss, you will be hard-pressed to find one that is more effective than my Simple Way To Vibrant Health System.

Main Benefits

  1. Weight Loss that you can easily maintain without having to rely on willpower or motivation
  2. The workouts are simple and short but as effective as any other workouts 3x as long. 
  3. You don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods, and I mean ANY. You can continue eating your pasta, your pizza your burgers no problem. And of course, your chocolate too! (This is not an exaggeration; you can really eat all the same foods as you eat today and still lose all the weight your want. The secret is how you eat and that is what we will teach you in the first 3 eating habits)
  4. Average client saves $58 per week and have more free time, once they develop the first 4 healthy behaviors.
  5. Average client is able to reduce or completely stops many of the medications they were taking. (How much would you save if you did not have to take any medicines?)
  6. Average client reports that they get sick less often and when they do get sick, they get better much faster. (How much value would you put on that)

Stavros Mastrogiannis

What People Say about our approach to weight loss


-Emily Volpintesta, Danbury, CT. (lost 38lbs)

"Before trying Stavros’s program I had lost weight many times in the past only to gain it back again and then some. But since following Stavros’s program, this is the first time in my life that I have been able to finally lose the weight and keep it off for good! It has been 3 years since I have reached my goal weight and I have been able to maintain it easily and effortlessly. This is by far the best weight loss program I have ever tried! Thank you Stavros!"


- Neil J Hutchins, Carmel NY (lost 65lbs)

"So simple, and yet extremely effective.  I still can’t believe how simple it was to change my eating habits and lose weight with Stavros’ system. I lost over 65lbs and I have no problem keeping it off. This is a must try program for anyone who wants to lose weight for good."


-Joe B, New Milford (lost 105lbs)

"All I can say is that Stavros's approach has changed my life. I have lost over 100 pounds. I am healthier and have much more energy. It even goes beyond weight loss. It is a philosophy that you can use to attain your other life's goals as well. Thanks, Stavros!"

New Ways We Can Help You Lose All The Weight YOu want.


Up until recently, we could only help you if you came to our coaching facility in Danbury CT.

Our coaching facility, Live Your Way Thin LLC in Danbury CT has a A+ rating by the BBB (Better Business Bureau). Up until recently we could only help people who came to our facility.  Now we offer two new ways we can train people on our revolutionary system and help them finally lose all the weight they want and more importantly keep it off for life, no matter where they live in the world.

Online Personal Training


If you feel that you need a coach to help you through the 7 Steps of our Simple Way To Vibrant Health, join our Online Coaching Program.

Downloadable How-To-Guide


If you feel that you can follow the 7 Steps of our Simple Way To Vibrant Health on your own, you can simply buy and download our How-To-Guide.