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This is not Your Typical Weight Loss Program!

Many people dream of achieving a lean and healthy body, but only a few are able to achieve it, and even fewer are able to maintain it. WHY?

The answer is simple.  Because most weight loss programs on the market today don't eliminate the root cause of weight gain.  Scroll Down To Learn More...


  • Have you lost weight many times before only to regain all the weight back because you simply could NOT stick with the diet or exercise program you were following?
  • Do you find most diets very hard to stick with, because they require too much effort and time?
  • Do you find it very hard to stay consistent with your workouts?

You are not alone...

…over 95% of people who lose weight end up regaining the weight back because they can't stick with the diet or exercise program they followed to lose the weight.


Try My Simple Way To Vibrant Health!

My name is Stavros Mastrogiannis, I have been in the weight loss field for over 27 years. I created Simple Way To Vibrant Health Coaching System to help people achieve sustainable & healthy weight loss.  If you have been struggling with losing weight and getting in shape give my system a try.  It will surprise you!  

So, what is the root cause of weight gain & Bad health?


The Human Body is Meant To Be Lean & Healthy

The human body, by nature, is programmed to be lean and healthy.  Most people don't have a lean and healthy body because of the unnatural behaviors they have developed due to the modern lifestyle.  

In addition to bad habits, they no longer engage in as many healthy habits that used to be part of human life and played a crucial role in keeping it lean and healthy.

What determines whether you gain weight or not or whether you develop some disease, is the balance between your healthy and unhealthy habits.  The more healthy habits you have and the less unhealthy habits you have, the less likely you are to gain weight and develop some disease.

Be Careful What Healthy Habits You Follow

The one thing you need to know about healthy habits is that they are not created equal.

Are you familiar with the Pareto Principle?  This principle states that 20 percent of the effort yields 80% of the results.  That is also very true when it comes to weight loss and health.  Some healthy behaviors have a much bigger impact than others.

In addition to how effective a healthy behavior is, you also want to make sure that healthy behavior can become habitual.  If it can't become habitual, your chances of being able to stick with it for the long run are very slim.  If the healthy behavior is not sustainable, the results you get from that healthy habit are also not sustainable.

For example, counting calories to lose weight is very effective, but can you make it a habitual?  The answer is NO.  Counting carbs is very effective also, but can you make counting carbs a habitual behavior?  The answer again is NO.  Long, intense workouts are very effective, but can you make that into a habitual behavior?  Again, the answer is NO.  

This is why, when you look at weight loss methods that use those types of behaviors to lose weight, 95% of the time, people end up regaining their weight.

So, if you want sustainable results, don't just look for the most effective healthy behaviors, look for the most effective behaviors that could also become habitual.

The 7 Essential Habits For A Lean & Healthy Body

In my 27 Years in the weight loss field, I have identified 7 healthy behaviors that have the biggest impact on people's weight and health.  What is great about the 7 healthy behaviors is that they can also become habitual.  

If you look at people living in healthy regions around the world, you will notice that most of them regularly engage in these 7 healthy behaviors. That is why they can maintain a lean and healthy body effortlessly.

These 7 Healthy habits have to do with the way you think, your activity levels, what foods you eat more, what foods you eat less, and, most importantly, how you eat and why you eat.  Did you know that you could eat the exact same food, but depending on how you ate the food and why you ate it, that same food could affect your weight and health entirely differently?

This 3 “How To Eat” behaviors that you will be learning through my system are crucial for the achievement and maintenance of a lean and healthy body.  Unfortunately, most nutritionist have focused so much on the foods people eat, they have forgotten that “how you eat” is as important as “what you eat”.  Not too many diets cover these 3 crucial habits either, and this is again, another reason why most diets fail to deliver sustainable results.


The 7 Habit Won't Make A Difference Unless ....

However, knowing these 7 healthy behaviors will not make any difference in your health or weight, unless you can apply them into your life.

That is where the right strategy of incorporating these 7 healthy behaviors into your life and making them completely habitual is crucial.  

That is something that very few weight loss programs take into consideration.  You see fitness professionals constantly debating, which is the best diet, or which is the best exercise program that would get people the best results.  

The simple fact is that without the right strategy of incorporating the best diet and exercise program into people's lives without burning them out, they won't make any sustainable difference in people's weight or health.  This is another reason why most weight loss programs fail to deliver sustainable results.

A quote by Sun Tzu, a Chinese General, and Philosopher, known as one of the greatest strategists ever lived, perfectly explains the importance of having the right strategy. "Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory.  Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat."

We Approach Weight Loss Very Differently

That is where the Simple Way To Vibrant Health system varies significantly from all other weight loss methods.  

With my Simple Way To Vibrant Health system, you won't just learn the 7 healthy behaviors that will have the biggest impact on your weight and health.  You will also learn a simple strategy of incorporating the 7 essential behaviors into your life and making them completely habitual and part of your everyday life, with the lowest chance of burning out and quitting.

With the Simple Way To Vibrant Health system, you will not just learn how to lose weight.  You will learn how to lose weight and greatly improve your health for LIFE!



  1. Weight Loss that you can easily maintain without having to rely on willpower or motivation
  2. The workouts are simple and short but as effective as any other workouts 3x as long. 
  3. You don’t have to give up any of your favorite foods, and I mean ANY. You can continue eating your pasta, your pizza your burgers no problem. And of course, your chocolate too! (This is not an exaggeration; you can really eat all the same foods as you eat today and still lose all the weight your want. The secret is how you eat and that is what we will teach you in the first 3 eating habits)
  4. Average client saves $58 per week on their food bills without even trying and have more free time, once they develop the first 4 healthy behaviors.
  5. Average client is able to reduce or completely stops many of the medications they were taking. (How much would you save if you did not have to take any medicines?)
  6. Average client reports that they get sick less often and when they do get sick, they get better much faster. (How much value would you put on that)


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