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Emily Volpintesta

Emily Volpintesta

I am 39 years old and a Licensed Massage Therapist.  I met Stavros in April of 2015 at the Portuguese Cultural Center in Danbury, CT, where they were hosting a Zumba Class/Health Fair Scholarship Raising Event both of us were participating in.   By chance we both set up tables next to each other.  I gave him a chair massage and I entered a raffle he was having for 3 free personal training sessions and I won!

After my 3 free sessions I signed up to be his client.  It is now September of 2015, 5 months have passed and I have gone from 175 lbs. to 135 lbs.  I lost 40 lbs. and I feel great! I feel like a whole new person! I feel like I’ve become the person I was finally meant to be! And it happened relatively quickly, easily, and effortlessly.

The Live Your Way Thin system is really simple, you just develop 7 habits eating habits and he coaches you along the way, and you also develop simple exercise habits as well—no more punishing workouts!

 So often with other personal trainers I would get burned out and injured working out with them and then I would stop working out and not lose weight, and the trainers would not focus on my eating habits at all! It was all very frustrating!

Stavros’s method made sense to me.  It reminded me of how I used to eat when I lived in Italy so it was easy for me to follow his program.  No Points systems, no measuring things, no cutting this out--just eating regular, normal food!  Like Stavros says, “You CAN have your cake and eat it too!”

And he told me all I had to do in addition was develop the habit of doing regular daily exercise, like walking, which I do already, and some simple weight training exercises that I do with him twice a week now.

Now that I’ve reached my ideal weight I continue to strength train with Stavros which helps me with my job as a massage therapist.

Thank you Stavros for giving me my life back!

Sincerely yours,
Emily Volpintesta

Yaniv Havusha

"I LOVE working out with Stavros!!!  I've lost almost 20 pounds already working out with Stavros and so far the only thing I've  had to sacrifice have been the pounds, which I'm glad to get rid of.  Stavros' method is new, unique and really easy to follow.  I've always been hesitant to diet and monitor what I eat because I can't follow all the calories, levels of various ingredients and other such things diets require, with Stavros none of this is required, all you have to do is follow his rules and you're on your way to feeling and looking better.  As great as I feel weighing less, I feel even better working out two days a week with Stavros.  My mental and emotional health has never felt better, I feel as if I can do anything! and even look forward to working out with Stavros, because every session he makes your want to come back and believe me, you'll want to.   That's another great thing, Stavros has actually made me want to workout on my own, not because he asks me to but because I WANT TO, which has only helped my results.

Overall I can't say enough good things about Stavros and his method.  Working with him has made me feel and look great, which is everything you'll gain if you join his team."
-Yaniv Havusha, Danbury CT

David Resto

"Cracking my weight loss code with Stavros, started with my search for a personal trainer, but all of my roads led to a dead end.  These big burly guys wanted to talk to me about , losing weight, by lifting hundreds of pounds, and drinking nasty tasting protein shakes.  That is a life that just isn't for me.  I met with Stavros for my free consultation , and scheduled weekly sessions immediately.  Working active duty  in the United States Marine Corps I needed to lose weight fast; as my career was dependent on it.  I gave Stavros a sixty day time frame to lose 20 lbs.  He met that goal and superseded it  by helping me to lose 30 lbs; and decreased my run time, and increased my balance, flexibility overall and my athleticism on the obstacle course.  I continue to recommend Stavros to all my friends, and family."
-David Resto, USMC, Carmel NY


Neil J Hutchins

“So simple, and yet extremely effective.  I still can’t believe how simple it was to change my eating habits and lose weight with The Live Your Way Thin system.  I lost over 65lbs and I have no problem keeping it off.  This is a must try program for anyone who wants to lose weight for good.”
- Neil J Hutchins, Carmel NY

Bud Ullmann

"Dear Stavros

I cannot emphasize enough about how professional you have been with my program.  I came to you in July '13, requesting a program to tone my body and tighten my waistline.  You put me on a routine which accomplished everything and more of what I requested.  Your program was not only constructive but you made it enjoyable as well.  I will be happy to recommend your services for anyone and I will be returning periodically.  Thank you again for your interest on my behalf.  You have made a customer as well as a friend.
Sincerely, Bud Ullmann"

Susan Wong-Cohen

"It all stared with my internet search for a local personal trainer to help me get into shape.  The heartfelt testimonials on the Olympus Personal Training website intrigued me: clients left each session wanting to exercise more, and were losing weight by gradually changing their eating habits - not by counting calories or eating artificial, diet foods - and never giving up REAL food.  Sounded like a great plan to me!

So I started seven months ago.  And everything the clients on Stavros' website said was true: he starts you on a simple weight lifting and cardio program, and has you work on changing your eating habits one step at a time, at your own pace, so that you truly give yourself the time you need to make each new good habit take root.  Overall, I have to say the whole process  has been very painless - no calorie-counting, no restricted foods, and a moderate amount of exercise are what have kept me going with Stavros' program.  I'm getting back in touch with listening to my body to determine if I  need to eat, and becoming aware of when to eat for fuel rather than for emotional comfort.  That's the most satisfying outcome of working with Stavros; the bonus is that I've gone down almost 20 pounds and feel great.  Thanks, Stavros - your approach is a winner!"
-Susan Wong-Cohen, Danbury CT.

Kimberly Marcus

"Deciding to work with Stavros was easy.  As someone who was already reasonably fit and very conscientious of my food and exercise habits, his method and ideologies seemed perfect for me  Little did I know how much I could truly benefit from his program.  The additional questions Stavros encouraged  me to think about really worked.  By making a few simple adjustments, I lost over 30 lbs and I developed a leaner, stronger physique."
- Kimberly Marcus, Danbury CT

Julie Filho

"What impresses me most about Stavros' approach to fitness and weight management is that is has been surprising easy to incorporate into my life.  Like many Americans these days, I lead a hectic life with seemingly little time for exercise and food preparation.  Stavros definitely takes this modern-day America lifestyle into consideration.

I think his approach can best be summarized as gradual yet consistent.   For people that are not very fit to begin with (like myself), the initial workouts are light, with non-aggressive weight-lifting and aerobic/cardio exercise.  With each workout, the intensity increases in such a way that you do feel a push each time, but not so much so that you don't want to continue.  In fact, you find yourself wanting more.

In terms of the weight and diet management, Stavros has taken a very practical approach by dividing healthy eating habits into individual rules.  You start off working on one rule at a time until you feel you have "mastered" it.  For me, this has made a huge difference in how I eat.  My first rule was "Eat slowly and mindfully."  By eating more slowly and chewing my food until it almost disintegrated in my mouth, I find myself eating much less than before, which has made a huge difference.  Not only am I eating less, but I also feel more satisfied.

I guess the summary is that by following the "baby steps" that Stavros' system dictates, you will gradually get in shape and shed the pounds.  It is gradual - you will not drop 20 lbs in a month like some diet programs claim.  I have found myself losing about 1 lb per week, which is just fine because I know the weight loss is permanent.  What is the point of losing weight  fast, if you are going to gain it all back again

I have followed other diet programs including Atkins, Weight-Watchers, and my endocrinologist-prescribed low-calorie diabetic diet.  I have had success with each of these approaches - some more than others - but I have found it hard to stick to each of them because they felt so regimented and felt like they required "work".  With Stavros' system, it just seems easier to make fitness and diet management  a natural part of my life."

Julie Filho, Danbury, CT


Gina Probert

"Stavros always has your best health interest in mind when he works with you, he is motivating, knowledgeable, and his system works!!  I have tried several diets in the past including Weight Watches and I feel Stavros's method is nothing short of revolutionary.  It is an ingenious, sensible way to lose weight"
-Gina Probert  Danbury, CT

Michelle Fusco

"I like the fact that I don't have to spend hours lifting weights every day to get in good shape.  I just need two 30-minute session each week.  The strength training exercise program is tailored for my strengths and weaknesses.
The nutritional program is not one of those hard-to-stick-to "no carbs" or "no fat" diets.  It's just based on common-sense, practical advice that is easy to follow and remember.  And it even allows for occasional "treats" so I don't feel like I'm depriving myself all the time.
I have gone through many years of "crash"  diets and weight gains and losses.  I think I have finally found a program that I can realistically follow for the rest of my life.
Overall, I lost over 40 pounds in 7 months, reduced my body fat by 17%, and dropped 6 jean sizes.  I have maintained my weight goal for 3 months and counting!"
-Michelle Fusco,  Newtown, CT

Annabelle Santos

"I first joined as a client, when a relative asked me to join, since she needed a workout partner.  I thought, why not?  I'll try it for a while, and I might have fun!  I have to say that I was never extremely overweight, but in the last 6 years or so, I had gained 20 pounds and was not happy with that.  I also felt as if I had very little energy, and all I wanted to do was sit on the couch!  So when the opportunity arose, I figured it couldn't hurt.  So, I went.  I started out with the training in June 2008.  I started to notice small changes, like the fact that I wasn't so tired all the time, and I also felt motivated to eat healthy and exercise on my own more often.  I also stopped eating out so much, which I think had been a huge factor in my weight gain.  I now walk twice a week in addition to my strength training twice a week, and sometimes I hike on the weekends.   I am also more aware of my eating habits, since Stavros has really helped with nutritional information and advice.  Since starting my training, I am now more energetic, my clothes fit better, and I feel better!  Did I mention I've lost 10 pounds?  In this economy, a lot of people ask me if I really should be "indulging in a luxury" like a personal trainer.  To them I say, "I don't feel like I am wasting my money.  I'm getting results."  I really feel strongly that it's worth it!"
-Annabelle Santos,  Danbury, CT

Sheri Testa

"Although following rules is not on everyone's list of favorite things, two rules from Stavros' healthy eating plan have really helped me.  Rule #1: Eat only when hungry.  This may sound easy but if you truly listen to your body, you will discover that you urge to eat is sometimes not hunger.  It may be from thirst, emotional response, or even boredom.  By waiting another 10 minutes, the urge to eat often goes away -  especially if you replace it with a glass of water and even a change of scenery!  Rule #2: Eat slowly.  I've always been a slow eater - so this one was no problem.  Rule #3: Eat until you are satisfied - then stop.  Basically, about portion-control, this was another eye-opener for me.  I found that although I had changed to a very healthy diet, I was often eating too much.  Once I mastered these two important rules, I have continued to lose weight and feel much better."
-Sheri Testa, Danbury, CT

Kristin Geller

"I have always considered myself a "fit" person - one who exercised and ate healthy.

Being active and eating healthy were always important to me.  However, being a working mom of twin girls and maintaining a household for my family, left little time for me to "act" healthy.  I found myself constantly tired and run-down; always looking for a quick snack to pick-me up and give me a boost.  Well, these little snacks and sporadic exercise added up!  Before I knew it, I had put on 10 pounds and my twins were only 6!  That's what brought me to Olympus Personal Training and Stavros Mastrogiannis.  I was July of 2006 and I was ready to do something for me!  Stavros listened carefully to my goals and designed a program that would work for me and keep me motivated.  I knew that daily work-outs were , just not in the cards for me, and he readily accepted that.  He made a work-out and nutritional plan that I could ease into; one that became an integral part of my weekly schedule, without completely re-arranging my schedule.  By the Time October had rolled around, I had lost 8 pounds and got back on track with healthy eating habits.

Through working with Stavros and reading his book, Cracking The Weight Loss Code, I learned to exercise correctly, disregard unnecessary weight loss beliefs (not eating carbs!) and To prioritize my eating.  What I found most helpful was defining my meals and snack. By understanding the difference between nourishing meals and entertainment meals, I was able to make small changes in my diet that added up to big changes in my body and weight!  The new habits that I learned from Stavros, his program and book, are life-long positive habits.

The program & book worked  (and continues To work) for me and my new  "fit" lifestyle is one that I hope to pass on to my daughters."
-Kristin Geller, Danbury, Connecticut


Marcy Rudolf

"I began training with Stavros in August 2013.  My goal when starting this program were to increase my activity, fitness levels and create a healthier lifestyle.  Through the lifting, cardio training and following Stavros' healthy eating habits, I have exceeded all my goals.  I have never felt this healthy, fit and energized and lost 39 pounds in the process.  Stavros positive attitude and motivation make every training session enjoyable.  This program has inspired me to work out on my own and utilize the healthy eating habits in my daily life."
- Marcy Rudolf, Danbury CT

Dawn A.

"I love The Stavros Method!  I was a little discouraged in the beginning because I was losing weight very slowly but then something just clicked and now I am down 20 pounds.  The eating rules are easy to follow and you don't have to sacrifice the foods you love.  Stavros always says "this is not a diet" and he is right!  It is so easy that I am able to get my whole family to follow the rules and they look great as well!"
-Dawn A., Ridgefield, CT

Patrick Sniffin


I've been meaning to drop you a note for sometime but haven't gotten around to it.  Your reminder and nice article in today's paper reminded me to thank you.

Although it's almost a year since I've trained with you I have not stopped.  I have continued to do resistance training at least 3 days a week.  And over the course of the summer I traded the treadmill for read running.

I now look forward to my 3 days a week 3-5 mile runs at lunchtime.  I have also run in 3 5K events and have been pleasantly surprised by my results. (Average time of 8:12 per mile)

So I want you to enjoy your holiday and know that  the foundation you gave me last fall in training continues to serve me well.  When I started with Olympus I weighted 219 lbs I now hold steady at 177 lbs and feel better than I have in years.

Again thanks for the life changing advice and I wish you continued success.

Take Care."
-Patrick Sniffin,  Danbury, CT

Marybeth Hibbard

"When I first went to Stavros at Olympus Personal Training, I figured it was worth a shot.  I was told that  here was a trained person who really worked well with people to achieve their fitness.  No high pressure, but instead, teaching of easy-to-manage steps to work your way to fitness.  No rush, just consistency and once a week meeting at his small gym for a reasonable price.  No contracts.  It all turned out to be true!  It was so manageable for a totally out of shape, overweight person like me who had been in many programs in the past.  Stavros has great training, but he is also able to connect with people he's working with in a positive way.  He is focused but not annoying.  You keep wanting to come back.  You keep wanting to keep going.  And that is nothing less than a miraculous for some of us ladies!  His new book, Eat It All By Eating Right is a well written and easy to understand.  It can be tailored to virtually anyone!  I think I am one lucky lady to have discovered The Stavros Method!"
-Marybeth Hibbard, Newtwon, CT

Darren Morgenthaler

"The idea of  walking into a gym with endless weight machines and treadmills was completely overwhelming.  What made Stavros' program appealing was the way in which he simplified things down to 2 elements.  A half hour of weight training, a half hour of cardio and you're done.  For me, this was so much easier to wrap my brain  around.  Now after a year of training, I'm down 50 lbs and have made Stavros' program a consistent part of my life."
-Darren Morgenthaler, Brewster, NY

Beth More

"December 13th 2000


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed working with you as my trainer.  Not only are you a trainer, you are a motivator, a mentor and a friend.  Before I came to you I was determined to lose the weight and be healthier but I needed that extra push.  I will continue to recommend you to anyone who wants to live a healthier lifestyle and lose weight.

Thank you again for all you have done.

Beth More